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  • fast, safe, accurate
  • reliable data capture
  • as-builts collected online and in real-time

Leave the site - know the job is done

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Video: How is TachyCAD working?

TachyCAD is our field-proven solution for measured building surveys as well as  archaeological and preservation documentation. Users are surveying their job-sites directly with a total station / laptop in combination with TachyCAD software. Additional measurements may be captured at any time with a Bluetooth hand-held laser meter, a tape or a folding rule. The results are generated on-site and in real time!

TachyCAD connects a total station or a laser distance meter directly to AutoCAD. Measurements are taken on-site (in 2D or 3D), creating the finished AutoCAD drawing. The benefits are the ability to check the drawing before leaving the site along with massively reduced office time. Additional onsite checks or revisits are eliminated. 

TachyCAD is flexible and can be operated independently since all surveys are unique.  Hundreds of possibilities exist when combining a CAD system with a surveying tool. The creativity of the surveyor leads to the final result. The software adapts to the user’s needs rather than the user having to adapt to the software.

TachyCAD is time and money saving and avoids hours of frustration. Surveying is made possible for anyone with CAD experience and more efficient for seasoned professionals.


  • Elimination of multiple site visits
  • Hardware Independent (Leica, Trimble, Topcon, Sokkia, etc)
  • Combined workflow with a hand-held laser meter
  • Elimination of measurement errors by drawing the CAD plan on-site
  • Detailed drawings with rigorous accuracy
  • Projects completed by one person versus two

Measuring and simultaneously drawing the resulting CAD plan


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